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Jump in & Explore Spatial Drawings

Mental Canvas spatial drawings are so much more than just videos and images. That's why we built the web player - so everyone can experience the magic of spatial drawings from any device.

Easily accessible on any device
More than a movie: explore the scene as an immersive experience

The web player enables viewers to interact with the scene as an immersive experience: to enter, travel through, and view the scene in countless different ways. The player can be viewed on any web-enabled device, including phones, tablets and computers.

Try it out:

By default, the web player is a full-page interactive scene, like this. You can embed it on any website with a simple iFrame, as shown below:

How to Publish to Web

You can publish any scene you've created in Mental Canvas as an interactive web scene. Watch the short video to learn how it works.


If this does not answer your question please contact support.

Can I embed the web player on my website?
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Yes! The easiest way to add the interactive web player to your website is with an iframe. See below for more detail:

The web player is a full webpage with a unique URL. You can add the scene to your website with an iframe, which acts as a window displaying the original full-page scene (see above). Depending on how you’re building your website, you should be able to insert an iframe with a simple html code block.  Contact us via support if you need assistance with this.

What is the difference between the web player and a video?
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The web player is interactive, whereas the video is just an animation.

The web player enables viewers to not only go through the bookmark path, but also freely explore the content themselves. Viewers can use a mouse or touch screen to look around the scene and move through it as an immersive experience.

Can I customize the web player?
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Currently, the web player cannot be customized by users.

We have worked with partners through the Mental Canvas Studio to customize the web player on a on a case-by-case basis.

How can I share my web scene?
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You can copy the URL when you publish to web and share the link. Anyone, on any device (phone, tablet or computer) can open the link and explore your web scene.

Many users post a video clip of their work on social media and include a link to the web player, so their audience can explore the interactive version.

Can I replace my web scene?
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Yes - select the scene you want to replace and tap “publish” again and it will save over the current version with the new one.

What is a “public” web scene? 
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Web scenes published with the "Creator" version will go into a public gallery to showcase the incredible work of the Mental Canvas community. If you choose not to publish your scenes, they will remain private to you.

Web scenes published with the "Pro" subscription will not be shared publicly (unless requested).

If I update my MCS file, will the web scene get updated?
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No, the web scene will not be updated unless you publish the new version. You can overwrite your web scene at any time with a new file.