Mental canvas PRo

Designed for Pros

Mental Canvas empowers creatives to design, collaborate, and share spatial concepts with the ease and fluidity of pen and paper.

Users pointing to mental canvas on screen
Shows a desktop with a Microsoft surface tablet running Mental Canvas software.  The pictures shows a woman's hand touching the screen and several desk items around the tablet.
Shows a large Microsoft Surface tablet and an artists hand touching the screen.  The screen shows a Mental Canvas drawing of Central Park.

From Concept to Realization

Designed for professionals that use drawing a tool for creative processes at any stage, from concept development to the final product.

Concept development

Expanding on the sketchbook, connecting ideas and concepts


From internal meetings to visualizing complex concepts, to polished client presentations

Illustration of a designer kitchen by House Beautiful Magazine

The Final Product

Create uniquely immersive and dynamic content to engage your audience

Mental Canvas expands drawing and enhances expression

Mental Canvas expands the medium of drawing, allowing the artist more freedom to explore and communicate concepts that can’t be limited by the page.

Drawing with mental canvas on surface studio

Capabilities beyond drawing

  • Quick animations
  • Uncover and hide details
  • Show elements in context
  • Change viewpoints
  • Annotate and elaborate
  • Reuse, refine, and adapt elements of a drawing
  • Mix media, photos, graphic art, and drawing


Mental Canvas Pro is made for teams. With both Windows and iOS, you can seamlessly collaborate and share files between devices and colleagues. Our seat management system makes it easy for organizations to get users up and running.

Users pointing to mental canvas on screen
Mental Canvas drawing gif of a building in london from different perspectives


Give your audience a new way to engage with your work. Share interactive online scenes with colleagues and clients to enable them to step inside your drawing.

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  • Priority support and training sessions
  • No watermark on video export
  • Early access to new features
  • Ability to publish interactive scenes to the web with our web player
  • License management dashboard for organizations