the mental canvas
authoring system

We are pleased to announce that the Mental Canvas authoring system is now available for professional users.

What is the Mental Canvas Authoring System?

Mental Canvas augments traditional drawing as a way to formulate, explore and communicate ideas in 3D. Similar to what the word processor has done for text, or Photoshop has done for photography, Mental Canvas reimagines the sketch, imbuing it with entirely new capabilities, bringing it fully into the computer age.

Mental Canvas picks up where drawing on paper leaves off.

Key Features

With the Mental Canvas Authoring System you can:

  • Breathe new life into drawings by providing context, where both strokes and canvases are dynamic
  • View and tour concept drawings from multiple perspectives
  • Embellish or expand your rough ideas into concept art or mockups
  • Create “spatial drawings™”: a new type of interactive, highly stylized content
  • Dynamically move strokes around as you develop your sketch
  • Navigate within your sketch to view perspectives in your drawing that you could never see on paper
  • Start with one of our pre-arranged template scenes, or create your own scene from scratch
  • Save key views to create a customized flythrough of your scene
  • Create unique 3D content in hours, not weeks
  • Export video flythrough of your spatial drawing™ to share or review
  • Share your spatial drawings™ interactively using the Mental Canvas Player, which is available for free download in the Windows Store here.

How are people using Mental Canvas?

The Mental Canvas Authoring system is currently being used in companies specializing in visual storytelling, industrial design, product design, storyboarding, architecture, museum and exhibit design, film, education, illustration, and more. What would you use it for?


The Mental Canvas authoring system is not yet available to the general public. We are currently working with select professional companies in creative fields through our early adopter program.

The Mental Canvas authoring system is available on iPads and Windows 10 devices with pen and touch (including Surface products, other pen and touch devices like the HP Spectre among others, and Wacom all-in-ones like Cintiq).

If you or your company is interested in using Mental Canvas professionally, please contact us at business@mentalcanvas.com.