The Results: Mini Challenge #8

Congratulations Nicok Kfoury, the winner of Mini Challenge #8! Nicok transformed one of his pen and ink illustrations into this fantastically immersive scene. He further developed his original drawing in Mental Canvas, enabling us to see and experience more than we could with traditional 2D media.
The Judges
Thank you to our amazing judges, Katy Lipscomb and Jonas Jödicke! Both are exceptionally talented illustrators with a great eye for composition, depth and texture. They brought their expertise to this challenge and were very impressed with all of the entries.
More to Explore
There were so many incredible entries in Mini Challenge 8, here are a few more that stood out to the judges. To find even more work from this Mini Challenge and the other, check out the gallery page. Thank you to everyone who participated, you never fail to amaze us! Now it's time to submit to the FINAL $100K Challenge which closes on November 8th.

The Brief: Before & After

This mini challenge has now closed. Here was the original brief:

Reimagine your 2D artwork in Mental Canvas for a chance to win $250!

We’ve enjoyed seeing how artists are reimagining their 2D work in Mental Canvas by adding new dimensions of time and space.  This week, we’re asking you to show us a "Before & After" by taking one of your older pieces (digital or traditional), and bringing it to life with Mental Canvas.

For this mini challenge, we’ve partnered with Katy Lipscomb, an accomplished author, illustrator, and designer with over a decade of experience working in both traditional and digital media. Her work has been featured in TIME magazine, National Public Radio, and other platforms across the web. Katy's watercolors imbue the natural world with a sense of magic and mystery. She recently transformed her illustration "Enchanted Forest" into a magical Mental Canvas scene and she is looking forward to seeing many more before & afters!

How to enter:

Submit by midnight ET on Wednesday October 27th. You can submit as many entries as you'd like.

We can’t wait to see your artwork come to life in Mental Canvas!

All rules and eligibility requirements of the $100K Reimagine Drawing Challenge apply. Go to the FAQ page to learn more. Questions or concerns? Email us at

P.S. Did you know submissions to mini challenges can also be submitted to the final $100K Challenge? Go to the "how to submit" page to learn more.