The Results: Mini Challenge #6

Congratulations to Dean Fortune, winner of Mini Challenge #6! The judges were impressed by Dean's creative approach: not only are the illustrations beautiful, but the intersecting semi-transparent canvases create a uniquely immersive coloring experience. Check out Dean's paper model of the 3D coloring book.
The Judges
A big thank you to Kamila Stankiewicz and Anastasia Su, the judges for Mini Challenge #6! They are both prolific artists highly experienced in traditional and digital media. They loved exploring the reimagined coloring books and were very impressed with the range of styles and innovative approaches everyone took.
More to Explore
Here are some more fantastic coloring books that stood out to the judges. With a limited number of canvases and colors, everyone found creative ways to reimagine the coloring book in their unique style. Thank you to everyone who participated, you never fail to amaze us and we can't wait to see more.

The Brief: Create your own Coloring Book

This mini challenge has now closed. Here was the original brief:

Kamila Stankiewicz is a pioneer in reimagining the classic coloring book in 3D with Mental Canvas.  Kamila’s beautifully illustrated 3D coloring book takes coloring to a whole new dimension and inspired this week’s mini challenge: create your own 3D coloring book!

We’re partnering with Kamila on this mini challenge: she’ll be keeping an eye on social media and chiming in throughout the week. The winner will receive a $250 prize.

The Rules:

This challenge is all about creativity within constraints:

How to enter:
To enter this mini challenge, you must submit within the Mental Canvas Draw app as well as on social media:
1. Create your 3D Coloring book!
2. Submit your coloring book in the Mental Canvas Draw app:
3. Post a video on social media:

Submit (both in the app and on social media) by midnight ET on Thursday October 7th. We can’t wait to see what you create!

All rules and eligibility requirements of the $100K Reimagine Drawing Challenge apply. Go to the FAQ page to learn more.