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A Drawing Revolution

Mental Canvas has reimagined drawing for the digital age by enabling creations that can be experienced outside the confines of a page or a single moment in time. With Mental Canvas all this power is placed intuitively and naturally in the artist's hand.
Line drawing of a computer with a head and hand drawing to represent a "mental canvas"
We call on creatives to join us in redefining what it means to draw. To kick off this movement Mental Canvas has issued a challenge… (and put up a few bucks) to redefine drawing.

Join the Mental Canvas Community

No revolution succeeds just because some cool new tool shows up. It takes a community of believers to move the needle. Our challenge is more than just a $100K in cash prizes… it is an invitation to engage and explore new dimensions of digital media.
Line drawing of 3 people using different devices: laptop, large drawing tablet, small tablet
By joining the Mental Canvas Community, you will not only find kindred souls, but will also be provided with exclusive access to training webinars, kept abreast of the newest tricks Mental Canvas has to offer, and invited to take part in weekly challenges to show off your chops. With fame, comes exposure, and possible referrals to our media partners.

The Challenge

We invite you to submit your vision realized through Mental Canvas. Extra credit will be given for concepts that could not be generated by any other means. You might also go for the $100K in cash prizes if you're motivated by such things.

There are 18 prizes: the grand prize with first, second, and third place prizes of $25K, $15K, and $10K respectively and first, second, and third place prizes of $5K, $3K and $2K respectively in each of five categories:
5 categories of the competition: architecture, storytelling, education, comics, napkin sketch
Our categories are inspirational rather than definitive, because we hate being pigeonholed as much as anyone. The architecture and places category invites visions that invoke a sense of place, presence, or of an object.  If the narrative drives your vision then go for storytelling. Education spans the gap from well-taught lessons to refrigerator masterpieces. If realizing an interactive graphic novel or just selling a gag using a few panels with gutters and bubbles is your passion then go for comics. Lastly, napkin sketches capture all else (as well as spills), with emphasis on minimalism and eureka moments.

It's Free to Enter

line drawing to download mental canvas draw
Step 1. Download Mental Canvas Draw
Line drawing to represent registration for the competition
Step 2. Enter the Challenge
Line drawing to represent the mental canvas community
Step 3. Join the Community
Line drawing to represent the creative process in mental canvas software
Step 4. Create & Submit your Entry

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Here's a small slice of what you can create with Mental Canvas

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