How to Submit

You've made your Mental Canvas masterpiece and now it's time to submit! There are 3 key steps: Register, Post on Social Media and Submit in the App. Details below:

1. Register:

Register by filling out the form on the Registration page if you haven't already. Your registration email must match the email address in your Mental Canvas account.

2. Post on Social Media:

3. Submit in the App:

1. Submit to the Challenge

When you're ready to submit: first save your file and then tap on "Submit to the Challenge" in the main menu.

2. Introduction

Tap "next" when you're ready to proceed.

3. Registration

The system will match your registration email with your Mental Canvas email account. If the emails are different, or if you haven’t registered, it will prompt you to register with your Mental Canvas email address.

4. Social Media

Tell us your social media platform and handle so we can verify your post.

5. Choose a Slot & Category

1) Choose a Slot: Choose one of the 6 slots to submit to. If you choose a slot with an existing submission, you can override that submission with the new one.
2) Choose a Category: Assign 1 or more categories to each submission.

6. Content Agreement

Click the checkbox to agree to the Mental Canvas Contest Release Form.

7. Preview the Video

The system will generate the video preview for you to review. The video is generated from your bookmarks, just like the video export. Note that, for more complex & large files, the video export process may take a minute.

8. Upload your File

Press "start" to upload your submission. Don't press "close" unless you want to cancel your submission.

9. Complete

You will see a "congratulations" message appear when your submission is complete. If you do not see this message, your submission did not go through. You can press "close" once you've seen the confirmation message.

You can submit up to 6 entries! And you can override your submissions: this means you can submit an entry, make edits and then replace the original with the revised version. The Competition ends on November 8th at 11:59:59PM Eastern Time and the submission portal will close at that time. So, we encourage you to submit early & often to save yourself from any last-minute stress!

If you have questions or you're experiencing any issues, please email us at so we can help.