the other side

istvan banyai

What’s on The Other Side? Rarely what you expect. Clever, surprising, rewarding… Istvan Banyai’s The Other Side is reimagined by Mental Canvas as a three-dimensional interactive book experience like no other.

With The Other Side in 3D, software company Mental Canvas introduces a new graphical media that preserves the artist’s hand while offering expansive 3D capabilities. Mental Canvas has reimagined Istvan Banyai’s 2005 print book The Other Side into immersive interactive scenes.

Banyai’s graphically stunning illustrations feature many clever twists in point of view, as familiar scenes turn and turn again to show us the other side of each scene. Mental Canvas’s unique technology enhances discovery by allowing the viewer to flip, zoom, tilt and drag within space to explore each “page.” This immersive world allows children and adults alike to learn through interaction and discovery, drawing connections and testing their perception throughout the book.

“…visually elegant, devilishly clever and not dependent on words." —The New York Times

    Key Features:
  • Six pages of stunning interactive illustrations that you can pan, zoom, and flip, with 38 more available as an in-app purchase
  • Gyroscope interaction through tilting your device creates striking 3D effects
  • Thirteen languages available worldwide
  • Original 3D design, user interaction, and sound design by Mental Canvas
  • Original artwork by notable illustrator Istvan Banyai

About Istvan Banyai: Istvan Banyai, the acclaimed Hungarian-born creator of Zoom and Re-Zoom, and the illustrator of several other books for children, is also well known for his editorial illustrations, which have been published in the New Yorker, Playboy and Rolling Stone, among other periodicals. His perspective, always unexpected (sometimes even to him), has made him one of the most original and iconoclastic illustrators today. He lives in Connecticut.

The Other Side in 3D is available as of August 13, 2015 on the App Store.