new york times + mental canvas impeachment coverage

The New York Times Graphics Department used Mental Canvas to tell the story of how the U.S. Senate chambers were transformed for the impeachment trial.

Check out the article in the New York Times Politics section.



mental canvas + cosmopolitan magazine

Cosmopolitan Magazine used the Mental Canvas Authoring Suite to create a playful scene; viewers can interact with and tour the scene via the Mental Canvas Web Player. The experience was featured on the home page of Cosmopolitan.com and is included with a long-format article.



mental canvas + cosmopolitan magazine

Cosmopolitan magazine gave their photoshoot content new depth using Mental Canvas for their interview with actress Madeline Brewer. This video was the header banner on their homepage and was also used in their Instagram and Twitter posts. You can find the full article here.



mental canvas on harper's bazaar

Harper's Bazaar used Mental Canvas to give a new perspective on Paris Fashion Week street style. This video was the header banner on their homepage and was also used on social media. You can see the animation in the article here.



new york times + mental canvas break down superbowl liii

The New York Times Graphics Department used Mental Canvas to look at two plays in last night's Superbowl Game between the Rams and the Patriots.

Check out the article in the New York Times sports section.



mental canvas chosen as a winner of the m12 ventures female founders competition

We are honored to have been named a winner in the first Microsoft M12 Ventures Female Founders Competition. Alongside Greta Cutulenco of Acerta Analytics, M12 and partners EQT Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank chose to recognize our founder and Chief Scientist Julie Dorsey for her innovative work with Mental Canvas. As one of the winning companies, Mental Canvas will be joining the M12 portfolio with a venture investment of $2 million. The results of the competition were announced this morning by Peggy Johnson, EVP of Business Development at Microsoft, on an official Microsoft blog post. The ...



mental canvas in the new york times, pt. 2

Mental Canvas in the news once again! In Sunday's edition of the New York Times, you might have seen some Mental Canvas sketches mixed into Michael Kimmelman's examination of the changes the National Tennis Center has gone through over the years. Videos of the sketched flythroughs allow you to tour the spaces of the different stadiums - we especially like the view from the seats of Ashe.

The article appeared on the front page of Sunday's digital edition with an accompanying Mental Canvas video.

Check out the article in the New York Times sports section.



mental canvas in the new york times

Mental Canvas in the news! Graphics created with Mental Canvas were featured in today's New York Times digital edition. In the story, you can see the amazing World Cup goals by Ronaldo and Kroos from a new perspective.

Check out the article in the New York Times sports section.



mental canvas in vogue japan

Mental Canvas was featured in the March "Fashion Meets Tech" issue of Vogue Japan, in an article highlighting the best new tech for daily use. We're among good company in their creative Wednesday.



mental canvas and tsai city at yale

Recently, the Mental Canvas team helped to create a spatial sketch for the website of the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (Tsai CITY). Yale also did a quick Q and A with our founder, Julie Dorsey.

Check out the drawing and the interview on CITY's website here.



mental canvas on surface studio with dial

Another inside look at Mental Canvas running on the Surface Studio, featuring the Mental Canvas team.



mental canvas player now available for windows 10!

Have you ever wanted to interact with the Mental Canvas content you've seen on our webpage yourself? The Mental Canvas Player allows you to view and explore a drawing like you never could before. Immerse yourself in hand-drawn three-dimensional content that brings artists' sketches to life. Explore the world the artist imagined by playing an animation, or by moving around the scene and discovering compelling moments and ideas for yourself. You never know what could be waiting around a corner to surprise you.

All content in the Mental Canvas Player was created exclusively using the Mental Canvas authoring system. ...



a deeper look at mental canvas + surface studio and dial

Featuring our founder and CEO, Julie Dorsey, and her thoughts on developing for Microsoft Surface Studio.



mental canvas onstage at microsoft event, spring studios

“Mental Canvas pushes the boundaries of sketch, bringing an element of exploration that’s just not possible with pen and paper. This is a great example of hardware and software coming together to harness pen, touch and the new Surface Dial to help architects, designers and engineers bring their ideas to life in a more natural and personal way.” —Panos Panay, corporate vice president of devices at Microsoft



introducing microsoft surface studio, featuring mental canvas

On October 26, 2016, we were a part of the Microsoft Event at Spring Studios in New York City. You might have caught us at 1:06 in this teaser video, which was the public's first look at the new Surface desktop computer.



mental canvas ushers drawing into a new dimension [press release]

Transformative Drawing Software Lets Architects, Designers, Creatives, Illustrators and Scientists Sketch Visual Ideas in 3D; Launching on Microsoft Surface Devices in Late 2016

NEW YORK — Oct. 26, 2016 — Mental Canvas today unveiled a new graphic and media design system that pushes the boundaries of sketch beyond the constraints of pencil and paper. Mental Canvas allows creators to illustrate ideas and depict design concepts freely in virtual space without sacrificing the individuality of the artist’s style. Today, Mental Canvas released a Player app in the Windows Store that allows people to explore spatial drawings created using the Mental Canvas ...



coming 8/13/2015: the other side

We are pleased to announce that our app, The Other Side in 3D, will be hitting the App Store on August 13, 2015! The Other Side in 3D is the first example of our new graphical media that preserves the artist’s hand while offering expansive 3D capabilities.

For more information, see The Other Side's product page.